About Us



About Us

We are putting the neighbor back into the neighborhood.



As a place-based community organization, LinkStL. Inc. focuses on linking people to opportunities. Most importantly, our goal is to build capacity within our neighborhood, so that the community will continue to flourish as a place of choice for housing, businesses, schools, organizations, and fun! We know we cannot do this work alone; it takes a "village of support".


Starting our first community fibers in February of 2015, LinkStL was formed as a direct response of expressed needs in the Hyde Park Neighborhood. As a historic neighborhood in North St. Louis that has experienced disinvestment it's residents now experience isolation, eliminating the feeling of community and pride of place. However, building from its greatest community asset, the people of the community, local stakeholders came together to form a grassroots, community organizing entity, know as LinkStL. Inc (Links).


Links works to connect the neighbor(s) to the neighborhood. Through collaboration, advocacy, engagement, evaluation and fun! Links will work to connect a "village" of support around individuals and families desiring opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Defining Success

  • Residents will be better connected to opportunities as a result of the community built network.
  • Residents will be active leaders in the Community.
  • Neighbors will meet in a quarterly basis to discuss, plan and model how to better work together.
  • Families in the community, will be better connected to supportive services, tailored to their family's needs for positive outcomes and changes in their family's future.

Links is "bringing the neighbor back to the neighborhood."- Jessica Kilmade (Stakeholder of Hyde Park and Principal of Most Holy Trinity School.

Working and Building Together, for the greater good is "common-Unity" to some and "community" to others! We've learned, there is no difference.

Hyde Park's Community Assets

LinkStL Inc.

Most Holy Trinity Academy

ND & S Management Co.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Epsilon Lambda Chapter

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Kare-a-lot Child Development Center

Clay Elementary

Cornerstone Café

Sun Café


Our Partners

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Clay Elementary School

Communities First

Grace Hill Settlement House

Horizon Housing Foundation

Most Holy Trinity Church and School

ND& S Management Company


Sun Ministries

Washington University Brown School of Social Work


Services For the Community

Community Center- Join your neighbor for small community gatherings, trainings, computer access, quiet time, and even a light snack! The place to meet your neighbors and find resources! All ages are welcome.

Resource Boards- In 4 locations you will find current information about jobs, educational opportunities, emergency services& community fun!

One on One Interviews- Active engagement by staff to better learn the families of our community, personally. Listen to what resources are needed & local talents to be promoted. All interviews lead to direct resource alignment, personal follow- ups, and the formation of community initiatives.

Connecting Stakeholders- Using the "Best Practice" Collective Impact, Links will host quarterly meetings with Stakeholder(s) to share ideas, better connect, and create a common agenda for true community improvement.

Connecting Service Providers to Residents Directly- As resources are found in the community, families are informed & given direct access for better service outcomes. This promotes awareness of what's in the community!


Our Leadership

Executive Board of Directors

Michele Duffe- President

Glenn Beavers 

Doug Eller

Angela De Silva

Rodney Malone

Karen Dickson

Monica Campbell